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selenak and iamsab:

My love for you is eternal. *g* But make sure our boys don't retain their post-coital maudlin mood for too long. *g* Afterall, in my (admittedly perverse) opinion, the best pairings are the ones whose relationships are characterized by quarreling, bottomless wells of snark, devastatingly accurate analyses of each other's psyches (something with which, in this particular instance, G'Kar clearly has the upper hand *g*) punctuated by super-competitive, clawing-at-each-other, up-against-the-wall nights of passion (intoxication optional, but quite useful as a lubricant *g*).

In other words, don't forget the snark. *g* Not that I expect you will or anything. I'm just saying. *g*

It occurs to me now that _mariel might have just the piece of information she needs for the conspirators thanks to Vir's invitation. Because while a lurid tabloid might be dismissed, an independent witness to such goings on would make the rumors that much more plausible in their respective peoples' eyes. And that means instant scandle and the threat of being discredited by the post-war Narn government/royal court. Because neither the Centauri nor the Narn are ammenable to one of their number consorting with one of their former enemies, especially individuals of such high stature.

Also, iamsab: I'm thinking of "ending" the party (either tonight or a few days from now, depending) with Vir conked out on the cushions with Duck (his kitten) curled up next to him. Because dude, that image is too cute to be denied. *g* Perhaps Delenn can help Mariel put him to bed? *g*

ETA: Oh my god. The tabloid article describing the activity at Vir's party (courtesy of selenak) is sheer brilliance! Muahaha! Marry me! Oh wait, I think I already proposed somewhere along the line...
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