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Time zones for Vir's party *g* (x-posted from theatrical_fen

Start Time: Midnight, American Eastern Standard Time, Friday Night

American Central Time: 11 pm, Friday
American Mountain Time: 10 pm, Friday
American Pacific Time: 9 pm, Friday

Australian CST: 2:30 pm, Saturday

NZ (for the B7 pups on the leading edge of the day *g*): 5 pm, Saturday

Germany: 6 am, Saturday

Moscow: 9 am, Saturday

And I would like to hear your opinions regarding the following: What do you suppose happens on a Centauri male's Ascension Day? The first one, I mean. I've been trying to plumb information on various coming of age rituals and my imagination is coming up empty. Do you suppose it's like a debutante ball? A bar mitzvah or a confirmation? Or maybe a little of both? Do you suppose the honoree wears special clothing on that first Ascension Day? Or perhaps changes the garments he wears to signify the transition into manhood? Do you think there might be regional differences in how it is observed? (Since I've already decided Vir comes from the southern region. Hence the different accent. *g*)

Ah, to think upon the issues where canon is silent... which reminds me: soulonds9 and I were actually contemplating Centauri masturbation last night. Don't ask.
Tags: babylon 5, theatrical muse

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