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londovir- by iamsab

My Vir... (meme gakked from neuralclone)

...is a serious character.

...is vulnerable and tender, yet resilient.
...grew up unwanted and ridiculed, yet did not grow up bitter.
...retained his compassion, his decency, his innocence and his wonder of life even though the odds were stacked against him.
...walked through the corridors of power and wasn't touched.

...expects the impossible from himself and feels guilty when he doesn't achieve it.
...is humble, polite to a fault, and deeply respectful of others.
...will recognize the greatness of others before he will recognize his own.

...has a sex drive, however young and relatively inexperienced he may be. *g*

...deeply appreciates the small, affectionate gestures- a smile, an embrace, a simple gift- and finds hope in them because he once had to live with next to nothing.

...Likes french fries even though they make him sick, likes Shirley Temples and Rebo and Zooty and video games, and if by chance he has ever visited Earth, he probably went to see the giant ball of string (if it still exists in his century) and other tourist traps just out of sheer curiosity. *g*

...is a man of peace- but when circumstances demand it, he is willing to pick up the sword and become a man of war, however much it grieves him.

...loves Londo with all his strength, with all his passion and with all his soul and will crawl through broken glass for him.
...loves Londo even when he doesn't like him very much.
...loves Londo even when it hurts and keeps his faith in Londo when all those around him are losing theirs.
...is proven right.


*hugs your Vir*

Incidentally, though he can't see Londo's latest entry, you can.*g* Aside from that, more party business: Kosh will come as well, and alien_oracle has just issued a post asking for advice on presents. Maybe Timov could help? (Let's just not ask Shiv'kala.)

Tee hee!

That post is a scream (as was Galenn and the technomages getting a full view of Londo's attributes *lol*). Brakiri beat waking up the dead indeed. *g* If I had to pick one, I would say the Minbari punk band, because that just sounds too odd to pass up. *g* And I'm definitely hovering in the background keeping track of the outcome of the votes on both that and the dancing boys issue. *g*

Oh, and BTW:

I am planning on opening the party thread with Vir picking up Mariel and arriving at the reception hall. You can then take it from there with further description of what's there, since your pup is doing all the planning. ;)