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londovir- by iamsab

"So, you do realize this is fictional, right?"

That is what soulonds9 said to me today as I was engrossed in theatrical_muse-like stuff- like, for instance, creating the invitation for the Ascension Day celebration I'm throwing on Saturday for Vir. *g*

"Of course I do," I said indignantly. "I mean, sure, I do start crying over my keyboard writing things like this. And sure, my current RP with _mariel makes me want to scream 'Get away from him, you succubus!' even though I agreed to this storyline and that makes it fifty percent my fault. And sure, I am actually considering doing Londo/G'Kar via Shiv'kala. But that doesn't mean I'm so insane that I have no concept of reality. Sheesh!"


SoulonDS9 is your brother, right? His user name is not without some emphasis.

I am actually considering doing Londo/G'Kar via Shiv'kala
*shudders and runs away*
SoulonDS9 is your brother, right?

Yes. I am still trying to convince him to play Dax, but he is wary of the craziness that is theatrical_muse. *g*

I am actually considering doing Londo/G'Kar via Shiv'kala
*shudders and runs away*

Oh, only in the sense that Shiv'kala has that initial access to the complete store of Londo's thoughts and memories and peculiar sexual fantasies. There won't be any physical non-con involved, so you can rest a little easier. Just mental invasion.
Your drakh is a horrible fellow. All-encompassing evil. It's a weird leap from Vir to Timov to Londo's Torment. But all three sound very different, so I compliment you on your split muse personality.
Thank you for your compliment. *g*

And yes, I've pretty much taken up the extremes of the spectrum, haven't I? *g* But when I think about it, I think I've chosen the muses I have for basically the same reason in all three cases: I want to explore Londo from a number of different vantage points (the one who loves him openly and unconditionally, the one who secretly loves him but doesn't want to admit it *g*, and the torturer) without actually being him. Because he skeers me. *g* Fortunately, selenak does a masterful job of filling those boots so I don't have to worry about it. I can still come in through the back door. *g*