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londovir- by iamsab

"So, you do realize this is fictional, right?"

That is what soulonds9 said to me today as I was engrossed in theatrical_muse-like stuff- like, for instance, creating the invitation for the Ascension Day celebration I'm throwing on Saturday for Vir. *g*

"Of course I do," I said indignantly. "I mean, sure, I do start crying over my keyboard writing things like this. And sure, my current RP with _mariel makes me want to scream 'Get away from him, you succubus!' even though I agreed to this storyline and that makes it fifty percent my fault. And sure, I am actually considering doing Londo/G'Kar via Shiv'kala. But that doesn't mean I'm so insane that I have no concept of reality. Sheesh!"



Okay, party business, i.e. guest feedback:

Sheridan: will come. Anna: will come. Possibly with technomage in attendance. Vila and Kerril: will come, but somewhat later, due to work (it's 5 pm in the Vila mun's zone). Garibaldi: will come, but as the mun is on a con might not be able to stay long. Draco: will come. Lily Potter: will come. Stark: doesn't know yet due to real life. Nothing definite yet from John Crichton, Harvey and Crais, or Delenn.

Re: Hehe.

[ooc: John Crichton will attend if he hasn't been thrown in jail, captured by men in black or found a wormhole back home. Also, is it my imagination, or is Londo actively trying to maneuver Crais and Crichton into meeting?]

It's probably not your imagination.

Londo!Mun is evil like that. *g*

Re: Hehe.

However did you guess? Yes, he is.*g*

because there have been some misunderstandings...

...the party takes place at midnight between Friday and Saturday for the Americans (i.e. Saturday morning for Europeans).

Re: Hehe.

And since the only technomage hanging around that I'm aware of is Galen, guess who's coming to dinner? :)

Re: Hehe.

Woohoo! Great. BTW, Jack Sparrow will come as well, with Drusilla. And the apocalypse box?

Re: Hehe.

Yes, the Box will be there. Not sure if the other half of the Box mun is going to be around for this or not, but I'll see what I can do, in between playing Anna and Galen. Can't have a party without the Box, now can we? :)
Hmm. I'm a little scared of what might ensue in the presence of the Box. ;)

Oh good. *g*

There's nothing worse than arranging a party and having no guests. *g*

Re: Oh good. *g*

More guests that said yes: Sinclair, Delenn, Legate Damar (possibly with Kira in tow), and Steerpike and Fuchsia from Gormenghast. (He's basically a fantasy version of Shakespeare's - not history's - Richard III; she of Lady Anne. What can I say? Londo has a thing for moral ambiguity.*g*)

Oh, and Vila and Kerril will be punctual after all. Which reminds me - when is midnight EST in Germany? Six o'clock?
Yes, I believe midnight EST is 6 AM for you.