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Ooh! Ooh! I just had a total lightbulb moment!

selenak: Does your Londo/G'Kar/Timov idea involve Shiv'kala in any way? Because if it does, that's really dark. And evil.


Muahaha! That poker game was great!

My thought on Shiv'kala: That the idea in question involves his peek into Londo's innermost fantasies. Which is cheating, somewhat. ;)


here's my basic idea: those four telepaths that are supposed to go everywhere the Emperor goes got ditched by Cartagia (probably because the Shadows influenced him to), but offer their services to Londo, as it is tradition, their misgivings because of their knowledge re: Turhan's last words notwithstanding. Of course, as soon as they get their private audience, they realize what's up. Which means Londo has to kill them, and this time, as opposed to "The Shadow of his Thoughts", Shiv'kala accepts no other way out.

Now the telepaths also get a good look as to what Londo did, and why, and what his current life is like. Including him sending Timov away because of the horrow of what making love with the Keeper would mean. Which redeems him in their eyes. So they ask Shiv'kala (no point of him hiding in this situation) to be allowed to die as Centauri, i.e. by their own hands, after a careful preparation, and then they give Londo one hour, due to their collective telepathic power, in which he's free of the Keeper and in the company of those people he always meant to tell certain things but couldn't, and... well.

At the end of the story, the telepaths are dead, and Londo is back to reality, of course.

Yours is excellent, btw, in that delightful dark way.

That's fantastic!

Why did you have to ditch it? I would love to see this written, babficathon stipulations or no. As it is, it's looking more and more likely that I'm going to write my idea (see my next post, coming up in a minute), so why not write yours?

Re: That's fantastic!

Oh, I'll write it. Eventually. Just not now, because I already started with my other idea.*g*