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Crying meme (gakked from skywaterblue)

1. What scene in which movie is guaranteed to make you cry?

The end of The Truman Show, particularly the part when Truman raises his sail once more, proving that the desire for liberty is stronger than any fear. I love that.

Sam carrying Frodo up the mountain, Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

2. What scene in which television show makes you tear up no matter how many times you've seen it?

Okay, go get yourself a drink, because this is going to take awhile. Seriously, I get very emotional over my TV shows. *g* Let's see:

First, what skywaterblue said about The Visitor. Also, the final battle in The Siege of AR-558. Duet also used to do this to me, but nowadays, I savor the dialogue instead. I swear to the Great Maker, I have most of that episode memorized. *g*

Reaching back to old fandoms: Scott Guber conducting the Boston Pops on Boston Public. Gary breaking down in Fate on Early Edition. Also, and this may strike some folks who are familiar with Early Edition as very bizarre, I also cry at Bat Masterson. Bat's problem- disappearing into fantasy to escape a tragedy in his past- is such a human one. And the fact that Gary picked up on this and sympathized with someone whom everyone else had written off as an utter nutball is very touching to me and a good example of the profound humanity of the show in general.

Back to current fandoms: Lord, do I have a list for Babylon 5! Lots of FirstSeason!Londo scenes, for one thing, because I know what happens later. Londo and Vir in The Long Night- if you don't at least get a little choked up at that, you have no soul. Interludes and Examinations, Adira's death (well, once I get over the obligatory hatred for Morden *g*). Londo telling the truth in War Without End. Londo in In the Beginning. The Fall of Centauri Prime, especially Londo and G'Kar and THE BEST SCENE EVER. Vir's speech in Sleeping in Light. Hmm, there seems to be a pattern here...

And yes, I also fall sway to the end-of-show sniffles in Sleeping in Light when the station (spoiler), Ivanova has her last speech, and we hit the final credit roll. And speaking of end-of-show sniffles, I have a similar reaction to What You Leave Behind.

3. Is there any famous tear jerker of a scene that leaves you cold? Or worse, makes you laugh?

The Sheridan/Delenn scenes in Sleeping in Light, while touching enough, don't seem to inspire the same reaction in me as in the rest of fandom. I'm usually too busy blubbering over Vir. See above.

4. Do you cry when a character on screen cries, or is it something else that gets the tears flowing?

I cry when my favorites cry, absolutely. Which accounts for part of my reactions to both Interludes and Examinations and The Long Night.

5. One fic that makes you cry

Miracles, by selenak
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