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londovir- by iamsab

Ask and you shall receive

I have started a website that will focus on the Centauri and the Narn.

Enemies and Allies

Of course, there is nothing there right now, but I hope that will be rectified shortly.
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Bells and Whistles!

You are a treasure. See the other reply. Now of course you can have my two stories, and I'll try to shape something of an essay together of my lj entries...
Oh excellent! I'll have to see if I can find something in my archives/write something for it.

It's about time the Centauri had their own page!
More Vir Fic is needed, because Vir is really what B5 is all about in my opinion...


An online correspondent of mine is working on a Vir idea, and I am nursing a few Vir plot bunnies myself. Hopefully between all of us, we can correct this particular fandom injustice. *g*