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Oh boy. I so can't wait for londo_mollari's response to this!

Most important decisions? Great Maker! That question is made for Londo.


Boy, you've been busy. *g*

Excellent work on Carolyn and on Londo's entry.

As for the party, well... I feel left out. *g* Drat me writing Vir out and all that. *g*

Re: Boy, you've been busy. *g*

It's your fault, really. He can't go on parties if he's half-blind now, can he?*g*

Incidentally, do you know a webpage with pictures of flowers (NOT starlaces - they are sacred*g*) I could use for Londo to present to Anna as a thank-you once the entire affair is over (which might take a while, because I can't be online that long each day)?

Try this one:

Vintage Flower Art

He can't go on parties if he's half-blind now, can he?*g*

*pouts* Well, I guess he will have to find something else to do in Londo's quarters, won't he? *g* Besides the bubble bath. *g* (Sorry, that was an image I couldn't resist once it occured to me. Which, incidentally, is both your and andrastewhite's fault.)

Of course, Lennier has come over while Londo's out with Anna Sheridan. *g* I'll see if I can come up with something for the two of them to do tonight after work.