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Oh boy. I so can't wait for londo_mollari's response to this!

Most important decisions? Great Maker! That question is made for Londo.


It's a Londo question if ever there was one, true.

And the muse shall strive to be worthy. Incidentally, he's gotten company in my mind now.


Londo posted.

meanwhile, also about Londo...

On a less angsty note, you must hread this, in particular this entire subthread. Outrageous fun.*g*

Boy, you've been busy. *g*

Excellent work on Carolyn and on Londo's entry.

As for the party, well... I feel left out. *g* Drat me writing Vir out and all that. *g*

Re: Boy, you've been busy. *g*

It's your fault, really. He can't go on parties if he's half-blind now, can he?*g*

Incidentally, do you know a webpage with pictures of flowers (NOT starlaces - they are sacred*g*) I could use for Londo to present to Anna as a thank-you once the entire affair is over (which might take a while, because I can't be online that long each day)?

Try this one:

Vintage Flower Art

He can't go on parties if he's half-blind now, can he?*g*

*pouts* Well, I guess he will have to find something else to do in Londo's quarters, won't he? *g* Besides the bubble bath. *g* (Sorry, that was an image I couldn't resist once it occured to me. Which, incidentally, is both your and andrastewhite's fault.)

Of course, Lennier has come over while Londo's out with Anna Sheridan. *g* I'll see if I can come up with something for the two of them to do tonight after work.