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londovir- by iamsab


First, what do you suppose it says about me that I cackled like mad reading londo_mollari's latest entry?

Also, I really need to know this just for my own personal edification: Am I the only one who sometimes wonders about... you know... certain activities of daily living, to put it euphemistically, when it comes to our favorite B5 aliens? Like, you know, hygiene and, well, other stuff? Or am I just a sick, sick woman? *g*


Hence one of the reasons behind eps like "A View from the Gallery". Don't think there's quite enough of a market for a spoof reality show with *complete* details of characters lives in B5 (or any other sci-fi show for that matter), but we're still interested in the details beyond the storylines. We want to know how it all fits together, and part of that is the details that sometimes get missed out (unless they're interesting, messy, or just plain perverted).