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Motor Vehicle Crisis

My car is dead. Deader than dead. Dead as a door nail. The mechanic has declared it beyond repair. So I am stuck at home today with no means to get to work. Luckily, Boss #1 was very understanding. (Fortunately, I was not scheduled to work at Job #2, so there was no need to call Boss #2.)

I have come to the rather embarassing conclusion that I was suckered- badly- when I bought this car last year. This time, I am bringing my father along to buy a new one.


Used Car Dealers are Evil!

Used care dealers are evil! I suggest bringing someone with you when you buy your next car.

Also I highly recommend a used Acura Legend! The one in my family lasted a good 11 years! When we finally got rid of it, everything was still working and it was driving beautifully.