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Don't worry: I haven't forgotten about the telepathic scan I have to write.

It's right in front of me and it's about 3/4 completed. But alas, it is 3 am and I need beeeeed. So tomorrow, my intrepid partners in crime...


m'dear, the plot thickens

Okay, I can see Mariel has just shown up. Simultanously, Londo suddenly aquired something of a social life again - he managed to persuade Death ankh_sigil (of the Endless, i.e. the Neil Gaiman, not the Terry Prattchet version - if you haven't read "Sandman", Death is female, looks like a pretty Goth girl and has a lovely sense of humour - you can see the attraction, I think) to go out with him, and has been invited to a soiree at Draco Malfoy's (portkey came with the invitation).

Now, obviously he can't go if Vir is still blind and completely helpless. However, I do see an opportunity here. If Vir recovers enough (not completely yet - say, in the sense of seeing shades, and no fever anymore) to be left in the company of a trusted person (say, Delenn or Lennier) for a few hours (since he wouldn't want to go to a party Mr. Morden attends as well anyway), Londo would feel free to go. This could be ideal for Mariel to make her move and invite herself over to play Samaritan for Vir. Lennier especially is far too polite (and inexperienced with women) to kick her out. And she could then charm Vir (who might feel physically better and pretends to feel emotionally better as well but is still traumatized by the renewal of the Refa memories brought by the scan as well as by the whole going blind unpleasantness). This way, we could pave the way for a relationship where Vir, seeing her as a nice woman, would tell her stuff he thinks is harmless but which she tells her allies, resulting in more trouble.



I just posted the scan now, which, despite all efforts, was still traumatic for Vir, particularly emotionally. I can now move on to the next day, with Vir being slightly more mobile but still vulnerable enough to fall under the sway of Mariel's tender ministrations. Muahahaha.