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londovir- by iamsab

selenak: This brain sharing thing...

... is getting freaky. *g* I was absolutely heading in the telepathic scan direction with Vir, which of course brings up The Thing They Never Talk About (TM)(well, since they made up anyway). But ah! Londo underestimates Vir's bravery. In a few minutes (as soon as I write it), Vir's going to volunteer to be scanned, even though it terrifies the bejeebus out of him. This will allow me to play the Vir's-scared-but-he-does-the-necessary-thing-anyway angle, which I love. Then, tonight, after Job 2 (which means tomorrow for you), I will write an account of the scan itself.

Sound kosher?


Completely kosher!

BTW, Londo doesn't underestimate Vir's bravery, he knows Vir would do it if asked, he just thinks (correctly) he has no right to ask for this particular trial.

Too bad we don't have an online Lyta, though. Ah well. You'll just have to do the descriptions on your own.

oh, and I forgot:

Do let Vir say hello to poor Delenn, who has been visiting sickbeds in two ljs.