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Fannish Five

1. What was the last tv episode you watched?

To tell you the truth, I can't remember. It's been a long time since I've had the time or the desire to sit down and watch TV. I do, however, remember the last thing I watched on DVD: B5's The War Prayer, for fic-like purposes. *g*

2. What was the last fannish conversation you had and who was it with?

I daily try to explain the intricacies of theatrical_muse to my brother soulonds9 (whom I'm trying to convince to play Ezri Dax). *g* I've also mentioned to a co-worker of mine that I think Vir is of the cute. *g* And I had a conversation with my RL friend Jason some weeks ago in which I attempted to explain the awesomeness that is Londo/G'Kar and Londo & Vir. (He has not seen the show and he doesn't own a TV. I think I will one day lug my TV and DVD player over there and make him watch the pertinent episodes. *g*)

3. What was the last fannish list discussion you participated in?

My fannish meta is confined to LJ and Jumpy at this point, but months ago, before I discovered selenak, I had a short conversation with someone on the B5 Yahoo group about Londo and his complexities.

4. What was the last fannish lj entry you read/commented on?

theatrical_muse, man. It is my crack. There was also the matter of leyenn's B5 Ficathon, the announcement of which sparked a great deal of highly amusing speculation as to just how many characters we could get Londo and G'Kar into bed with. *g* Besides each other, I mean. *g* Which reminds me: What about Londo/G'Kar/Mariel?

Also, there was a mention of the possibility of both Vorlon/Shadow and Sheridan/Lorien, both of which caused much merriment on my end. *g*

5. What was the last fanfic you read?

That would be selenak's latest entry in her Five Things Which Never Happened Between Kira and Dukat, which can be found here.
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