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Do you want to write the first night in Londo's quarters, or shall I?

I wish I didn't have to work both jobs today. I want to RP! *whine*

Also, thanks to alara_r, I now have an excellent new term to describe what I usually write: ampersand. Yeah. I write Centauri-centered ampersand. *g*



That was... perfect. Absolutely perfect. Especially this segment:

I have never needed someone to suffer more and longer than whoever did this to Vir. But I cannot tell him this. He has this notion of me as a good person who has done terrible things, rather than of a damned man occasionally able to do some good. It helped him through some bad times, and I do not have the heart to disillusion him now.

Londo wishing he could live up to the vision of himself that he sees in Vir's eyes even as he feels the murder in his heart hits precisely the right heartbreaking note for the character.

Re: *whimper*

Thank you.*g* Incidentally, did you see Mariel has arrived at Theatrical Muse?