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londovir- by iamsab

Gah! (theatrical_muse frustrations)

Do you suppose it would be all right if I skipped the mechanics of the attack for the time being and focused on the aftermath in the Med Lab? I know the basics of how Vir will be injured (he will sustain a flash burn to his corneas in an explosion), but I'm having trouble describing it. On the other hand, I can see the scene in Med Lab very well.

Gah! *headkeyboard*


go ahead...

...focus on the aftermath. You can always say something like "The attack seemed to happen in a blur, and I/Vir could never figure out the details afterwards" etc.
I think however it comes to you is how you ought to write it. You can always go back to the attack if it hits you, or kind of skip over it it doesn't.

Hi. Anna's mun here. Added you to my friendslist, hope you don't mind. Your Vir rocks. :)