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Ha! A chance to drool over Vir. *g*


1) What are the physical characteristics of a character that turn you on, and give at least one exapmle.

Looking back over my rather checkered crush history, I think the only constant is an expressive face and eyes that project a certain depth and sincerity... and perhaps a touch of cluelessness. *g* This, though, is very heavily dependent on personality, so perhaps it is not a true answer. *shrugs*

Current example: Vir. As Ed Wasser said in the third season cast commentary, "you always know where Vir is at" at any moment, because it's right there on his face. Utterly guileless, utterly adorable and a total turn on.

Past example: Gary Hobson from Early Edition, who had that "huh?" look down to a science.

2) What are the physical characteristics of a character that turn you off, and give at least one example.

Erm. Well. Considering my current fascination for pouchy aliens with funny hair and tentacles, I suppose "None" would be the right answer. *g*

3) What are the personality characteristics that turn you on, and give at least one example.

I definitely have a thing for shy, sweet, devoted guys who, despite their natural retiring nature, still fight for what they think is right and are willing to endure a lot of grief to live by their priciples. And on the subject of behavior around the opposite sex, I must admit I am hopelessly old-fashioned- I love men who seek to guard and protect women and are absolutely modest and polite in their presence.

Current example: Vir is modesty and chivalry personified. In the face of a knife-wielding Narn, he, without a second thought, steps forward to protect his fiance. And he blushes when discussing a lady's undergarments. *g* But beyond his behavior around and regarding women, Vir is also uniquely compassionate and deeply courageous. He is meek by nature, but he is not a limp-wristed pansy. When the situation demands it, he fights. This more than anything is why I want to pluck him from the TV screen, take him home and marry him. *g*

Past example (this one's for tresjolie ;)): Scott Guber on Boston Public used words like "courting" and "buss"- words that are so cutely archaic that I just couldn't resist them. But despite his vulnerability and fragility on the personal front, he was tough minded, very intelligent and a good deal more fair than many people gave him credit for on the professional front.

4) What are the personality characteristics that turn you off, and give at least one example.

I strongly dislike the self-righteous rebel- the man who stomps all over the sensibilities of the more reticent, more conventional set with no respect paid to the rules of civility because, in his mind, those people are brainwashed idiots.

Fortunately, I can't think of a specific glaring example from fandom. This is more a RL-related peeve. *g*

5) What kind of clothing (or lack thereof) is most likely to make you melt like a puddle around your character, and give at least one example.

Vir in his nightie. *g* Scott Guber in casual wear. Hmm. :p~~~~
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