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londovir- by iamsab

leyenn has started a B5 Ficathon...

... and she needs us assorted Centauriphiles and nutballs to play too. ;)


(andrastewhite: You can request not to be spoiled beyond And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place.)

Here was my entry for those who might be curious:


List Pairings: Argh! *wracks brain to narrow it down* Erm, okay. I'll go with the dares. As in, I dare any participant to write Londo/Vir without squicking me (as, I believe, selenak said once, there's an exception to every rule) and G'Kar/Vir (I howled with laughter when I first read that choice, but after ruminating over the idea over dinner, I want to see if G'Kar/Vir is even possible).

So, to summarize:

Pairing #1: Londo/Vir
Pairing #2: G'Kar/Vir

Wildcard: Shadow/Vorlon pr0n!

Characters: Londo, G'Kar

Squick for Vir Pairings: No raping or otherwise physically injuring Vir during the sex act, though emotional angst is okay. Humor, if you can fit it in, gets bonus points.

Squick for Shadow/Vorlon: None.

Spoilers: Bring it on, baby!


Pairings (in order of comfort): Vir/anyone except Londo, Londo/anyone except Vir, G'Kar/anyone, Garibaldi/Lochley (maybe)

Characters (in order of comfort): Vir, Londo, G'Kar

Squick: Don't feel quite ready to write NC-17.


Pairings: Susan/Marcus & Sheridan/Delenn (Ragh! Popularity! *melts like the Wicked Witch of the West*), Susan/Talia (can read but can't write- please don't hate me! ;)), Zack/anyone
Characters: Zack, Marcus, Talia *ducks to avoid wrath of pervy telepath fancier*, Lyta, Bester (he skeers me)

Yes, you did read that right. I requested Londo/Vir, G'Kar/Vir and Shadow/Vorlon all out of my own sick curiosity.

Now, off to work on my current writing assignments...


See, I've long through that Vir is the person most likely to go and check if all that noise coming from Londo's quarters means that he and G'Kar have decided to kill each other again, and find out the hard way that they're getting along really well.
Of course, I think he'd be likely to react to this by backing out of the room with his eyes shut, apologising all the way, then going to look for some forks to stab out his own eyes with. I don't think he'd decide to join in *g*.

Is it normal to go all sparkley and happy after reading this, & want to see this scene? *laughing delightedly*

Good point about G'Kar not fancying Narn women. He seems to go for every other species in the galaxy (particularly Centauri) but never his own. I wonder why?