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GUP! (i.e. gratuitous update post)

Enemies and Allies has been updated, bringing the total to 23 stories (and three theatrical_muse links) now on the archive. Whoo! Centauri/Narn goodness! *g*


Neutral Ground, by andrastewhite

Passwords, by muffinmonster

The Brooch, by starlaces


Wedding Night (Londo/er... a gender-swapped Vir- and yes, one day, my friend, I will get you for that *g*), by andrastewhite

Her Better Days (Londo/Adira- theirloveissodoomed *sniff*), by selenak

Rareslash (Whoo hoo! Rareslash! Bring on the tentacle pr0n! *g*)

Certamen (Londo/Urza), by andrastewhite

In Vino Veritas (Londo/G'Kar- theirloveiscomedygold!), by selenak

Now, on other matters, yet still B5 related:

Does anyone else besides me find the Couro Prido fascinating in the context of the general Centauri ethos? I mean, smack dab in the center of this decadent, imperialistic, heavily hierarchical, natural-selection-oriented culture is a group with a ceremonial fight to the death in which altruism on the part of the winner is mandated. How did that come about?

And speaking of sword fights, does anyone know of a good resource where I can learn how to write a good sword fight? Because I have this idea gelling...
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