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Eep. Random impressions of "Darkness Ascending"

"Darkness Ascending"

Grade: B-

This episode was a middle-book-of-a-trilogy type episode between gearing up for the climax of Londo's arc, continuing the Drunk!Garibaldi thread, and setting up the next chapter of Lyta's thread, so I really don't have a whole lot to say about it. Most of the action is going to be happening after the holiday. ;) A few random comments:

1. We saw more evidence today that G'Kar hasn't completely lost the more randy side of his personality. I think a part of him was hoping Lyta meant sex. *eg*

2. On the other hand, we learn that Londo no longer hits the casino, a fact that made my newbie younger brother say "Whoa!" when we watched the episode together on tape tonight. My speculation is that he stopped after "The Long, Twilight Struggle"- his darkest point. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong. ;)

3. Speaking of Londo, The Hug made me cry this time just like it did the last time. His confusion just breaks my heart. And the long shot of him standing alone in the hallway was an excellent, isolating shot, as was the long shot in the Zocalo.

4. The waiter in the Fresh Air was an ass. He should be fired.

Old Business: The past few days, I've been working on the DotD AU idea. I'll have more time over the holiday to work on it, so I may be able to post something by the beginning of next week. :)
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