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londovir- by iamsab

Bad, bad fic writer...

Er, um...

I haven't even started my Five Things story. Thank goodness the deadline was extended, because I totally suck. Instead of finishing my assignments, I'm sitting here like a pathetic fangirl with no life waiting for citizengkar to respond. *rolls eyes*

The good news is that for the next several days, I have time off from my second job. Which means maybe I can get something substantive done. Wow, what a concept! I'm the worst procrastinator in the world.

Edited to add PS: Say, isn't it time for The War Prayer on thefiringline?



So, can I send him over?

Yes, please! *g* And while you're at it, send some suggestions along with him because I'm having trouble coming up with five different things. I can only think of the obvious ones.
Thank you for your input. And I'm sure I will enjoy Lennier as a houseguest.

At the very least, Vir will enjoy his presence here. Oh, and have I mentioned that Vir is the sweetest little houseguest in the world? I love having him around.
Nobody's started theirs. Except for dz_crasher because she's a swot. ;P

And yes, all right, it should and I got distracted. Again. Damn these pesky girlfriends... *giggles*
Ah, I feel all productive now! Until this weekend I was worried that everyone else but me had finished theirs.

I've got two things done, and I'm completely lost for the other three. And I know we're stuck with the lottery results, but if there was any way I could swap you Sinclair for Lennier, I'd do it in a second ;) (Not that you'd want him, I suspect...)