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londovir- by iamsab

Bad, bad fic writer...

Er, um...

I haven't even started my Five Things story. Thank goodness the deadline was extended, because I totally suck. Instead of finishing my assignments, I'm sitting here like a pathetic fangirl with no life waiting for citizengkar to respond. *rolls eyes*

The good news is that for the next several days, I have time off from my second job. Which means maybe I can get something substantive done. Wow, what a concept! I'm the worst procrastinator in the world.

Edited to add PS: Say, isn't it time for The War Prayer on thefiringline?


If you don't write that Lennier fic there's going to be Denn'sha, I'm telling you. The poor boy is still living in my house, and I'm getting mighty sick of steamed tofu, which is what he cooks for dinner every night. He follows me to the library, and now reads half a dozen ancient languages better than I do...but really, he so badly wants more fics about him, and I'm just not in a position to provide any, and he's getting a little impatient.

So, can I send him over?


So, can I send him over?

Yes, please! *g* And while you're at it, send some suggestions along with him because I'm having trouble coming up with five different things. I can only think of the obvious ones.

Re: *lol*

Well, if it were me writing, which I'm not, I would write it all as Delenn/Lennier, because I can never get enough of that. But, Lennier also never broke his isolation. If he had managed to talk to Vir about the relationships they both have with their bosses, it might have changed things for both of them. Lennier also never betrayed Delenn earlier on, when it might have made a difference, by, say, telling Sheridan her guilt before they were married. And I like to imagine a 'Day of the Dead' AU when Lennier has a more involved conversation with Morden.

He also never saw David Sheridan as a baby. Or completed his training as a Ranger. Or ever loved anyone other than Delenn.

Thank you for your input. And I'm sure I will enjoy Lennier as a houseguest.

At the very least, Vir will enjoy his presence here. Oh, and have I mentioned that Vir is the sweetest little houseguest in the world? I love having him around.
Nobody's started theirs. Except for dz_crasher because she's a swot. ;P

And yes, all right, it should and I got distracted. Again. Damn these pesky girlfriends... *giggles*
Ah, I feel all productive now! Until this weekend I was worried that everyone else but me had finished theirs.

I've got two things done, and I'm completely lost for the other three. And I know we're stuck with the lottery results, but if there was any way I could swap you Sinclair for Lennier, I'd do it in a second ;) (Not that you'd want him, I suspect...)