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londovir- by iamsab

This is probably pointless, but what the hell:

As a fanfiction writer, which characters from all the fandoms I write in do you associate with me most?


also duh!

Vir. Speaking of whom: if you're bored, dear, you can always write his and Timov's replies to the dinner and laughter challenges...


There shall be theatrical_muse writing... tonight, when I'm not sitting at my desk at work. ;)
Vir. Of course. Did you *really* have to ask?
Probably Timov, too. And sometimes G'Kar, though I don't feel he's as tied to a single writer, if that makes sense.

Exceptionally pointess :)

Vir. Although that may not be because of your writing but rather how cute you look dressed in Centauri garb. ^_~
Vir, of course. Although I've enjoyed Timov.
Vir! And Londo...

BTW, those drabbles are HILARIOUS...
Your lovely Vir.

I'm probably the only one!

I'm probably the only one who always associate you with Scott Guber!


I was actually hoping you'd respond. ;)

Yes, I lurk in people's livejournals!

I'm probably the only old timer, who knew you in the days before your discovery of B5!

I also remember your obsession with Colin from Whose Line Is It Anyways!
Vir...or Lennier one or the other proberbly more Lennier actually...