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timov_of_algul's friends list

I've come to discover that my Timov muse has quite a bit to say that she is not yet ready to say in londo_mollari's earshot (Her inner response to londo_mollari's Valentine's Day gift, for example. She will of course say thank you to Londo because she was raised to be polite. But there is more there that she cannot say directly to him.)

So: I've done a little technical LJ fiddling. I've created a special friends group for Timov that makes it impossible for Londo to see or respond to her more private entries. *g* All the B5 pups (excluding Londo), her new bodyguards Xena and Gabrielle *g*, the B5 mod, selenak and andrastewhite are already on the special list. If there is anyone else out there who would like to be on the list, please reply below.

X-posted to theatrical_b5b7 and theatrical_fen.
Tags: babylon 5, theatrical muse

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