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londovir- by iamsab

On why Vir still has the claw marks:

Perhaps the attack on Quadrant 14 and the start of the war set Na'Toth off and Vir was the first Centauri she came across...


Sounds plausible to me.

Though I still have a chuckle about the idea of Vir making an ill-advised comment about G'Kar checking out a female Centauri within Na'Toth's earshot. But then again, that would require Vir talking to Na'Toth pre-Coming of Shadows on his own initiative, and that sounds very unlikely.

Actually ...

I was envisioning Vir making an idle remark about 'that girl you thought was pretty' to G'Kar, in Na'Toth's presence, not having quite realised that this was meant to be some kind of secret. That would also explain how he escaped only slightly maimed *g*.

However, the other scenario sounds fascinating too. And this being fanfic, there's not reason both possibilities can't exist ...