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My brain's not working tonight.

selenak: Am I correct in assuming the londo_mollari ultimately decides G'Kar is the individual with whom he would most like to have dinner? If so, can you please, please, please write the continuation of this scene, in which Londo and G'Kar seek some other establishment on the station? *whine* (Though, for all I know, you're probably planning to already. *g*)

And also: Muahaha on the Zocalo emptying out and G'Kar's comment regarding Londo's... hearing defect. And Londo's observation that he can't ignore G'Kar when he is nearby, because if he did so, the universe would implode? Very, very true.

If I'm right above, your entry is a bit of a cheat, given that G'Kar's not historical yet. *g* But I'll let that pass because, you know, it's Londo and G'Kar. *g* Theirloveanswersanychallenge.

I have to admit that I'm completely stumped on this week's question- for both my muses. Any hints as to which historical figures Vir (in either narrative time period) and/or Timov would entertain (or any ideas as to how I can cheat *g*) would be greatly appreciated.


Actually, thinking about it now, Emperor Cotto might like to see Lennier again...
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