Hobsonphile (hobsonphile) wrote,

For muffinmonster (all others ignore)

Use these caps in the order I have listed them:

Also: If you have a cap of that moment in The Fall of Centauri Prime when Londo closes his eyes just before the flashback sequence, it would be really, really cool if you could insert that between the first and second pic above.

Put the first line of the text (To die for your people is easy.) on a plain black frame and make this frame the first frame. Then follow this opening frame with the pics, dividing the rest of the text (To live and suffer for them is hard.) among those pics as you see fit.


Do the pic sequence, then put the last line of text on a plain black frame similar to the first. (Like the Londo and G'Kar icon above. Yours, of course, will be prettier because you have a more powerful program, I'm sure, than the one I used as a trial a month ago. *g*)

Whichever one of the two options you feel is best/easiest, go ahead and do that one. I am not particular.

<3 <3 <3's to you for doing this for me!

Tags: babylon 5

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