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londovir- by iamsab

More commentary on the aforementioned Vir Porn

Thank you to everyone who sent their compliments.

This was actually the very first time I've written anything even vaguely porny. I've popped my fic porn cherry! *g* Okay, so it wasn't explicit. But still: Whee! *g*

In all seriousness, I think my virginity in this regard is why I was so embarassed- and why it took me three days to write 294 words. *g* But I finally had a break through last night when I stopped trying to visualize it (Insert Tabs A-F into Slots G-L? Scary!) and started trying to feel it instead. I came to the blinding realization that I could channel my embarassment into the story and it would be in character for Vir. Once I did that: Voila!


Now all you need is "Vir Porn" and "I'm Vir's Pimpmeister" ICONS. *wicked grin* ;-P


Feel free to make some if you're so inclined. I'll buy some space for them. *g*
Totally irrelevant, but Neil Gaiman posted this on his blog, and it struck me (no pun intended) that you might be interested. http://wvlightning.com/video.html
Cool! Thanks.