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londovir- by iamsab

I can't believe it: I actually wrote Vir Porn

I'm so going to hell.


Re: Alas...

Remember that hobsonphile says that she imagines this to be the first time Vir gets to six, not that Vir gets any at all.

Ah - I know there's a girl in Sic Transit Vir, which I should be able to watch today, and made assumptions. I should have learned better by now *g*.

Senna is a nice girl we meet in the post-show novels. Though wait - you do see her in In the Beginning, which you may watch after season 3's War Without End.

It'll give me something to look forward to after I get to And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place since I'm planning to save the end of Season Three until I at least have a release date for Season Four.

But go you with the Londo/Urza.

It's the next project, now that the holiday fic is done.

And no, we haven't covered all combinations yet - what about the absolutely canonical G'Kar/Mariel?

I was thinking pairings not already covered in canon (although, actually, I can think of a few more of those ...) but yes, someone should write about it. Possibly someone who knows more about Mariel from reading the novels *g*.

G'Kar is standing around in my head complaining that the Centauri are seeing more action than him, but the options are actually more limited. There's Londo (not up to the appropriate bit of canon yet) Mariel (canonical, but I haven't read the books) and OFCs (save us all from Mary Sue!)

He pointed out that we never saw Talia turn him down in canon, but at that point I was tempted to start throwing things at the fictives again.