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Great Maker help me.

Thanks to theatrical_muse, I am now embarking on a serious attempt to write Vir porn. Third person Vir porn, to be sure- I don't think Vir would speak of such things directly- but it will be Vir porn nonetheless.

Between that, selenak writing Londo/G'Kar, and andrastewhite gender swapping Vir and pairing him- or her, rather- with Londo, I think misshallelujah is right- we are all hellbound. Mmm. Toasty.

On the subject of theatrical_muse:

1. Whee! londo_mollari's answer to the virginity challenge has a very subtle potential Londo/Urza reference. Love. It.

2. Meanwhile, the quizaholics that make up the Blake's 7 crowd of pups have led Vir (in post-canon voice) to try the quiz thing. And the results prove what we've been saying all along about Vir's heavenly origin. *g*

3. However, the Vir muse would like to remind us all that he is mortal. In addition to reminding vila_restal about the incident with Mariel in the thread above (in post-canon voice, obviously), the arrival of mr_morden has prompted Vir (in fourth season voice) to reflect on last week's question on forgiveness. And he concludes that forgiveness has its limits, especially when it comes to his best friend being harmed. And I'll tell you a true thing: writing the angry, passionate, standing-up-for-the-vulnerable Vir was a catharsis. Now they just need to provide me with a question that allows me to write humor. *g*

4. And finally- and I may regret this later- I have put in an application for Timov.

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