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What Do You Want- by ruuger

DVD's Available:

(for the curious)

Mainly, I would like to sell my eleven seasons of M*A*S*H and replace them with the box set to clear off shelf space. And then maybe - well, are the Starburst editions of Farscape worth it? If so, I may sell my older editions.

Which reminds me: Way back when, a few of you requested History Channel DVD's and never got back to me. (For those of you who have in fact sent me an address, I should be shipping yours after the New Year. I tried going to the post office a few days back and it was mobbed, so I figured it would be best to wait until after the holidays. O_o) In particular, I don't think I've heard from iamsab or betareject (Beta, I'm just going to give you whatever has not been claimed). Send me an email at hobsonphile at gmail please so I can zip them your way!


I think $10 per season plus shipping is fair (except for one season - I forget which - which has a damaged box - that one I'll sell for a few dollars less). The prices people are quoting on the Amazon Marketplace look to be higher than that, so you'd be getting a bargain.

Or - if you're looking to take all of them, I'd say $100 for the whole set (plus shipping).
I'd love to take them off your hands, I really would, but I literally just realized that they're obviously region 1, which just doesn't do me any good. Sorry!