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londovir- by iamsab

Squee! And also: Muahaha!

Per theatrical_muse:

"What's more important - self preservation or forgiveness?"

My muse is falling behind, poor thing, but this is so being answered this weekend (along with the love at first sight question).

I also wait with baited breath for londo_mollari's response, because, well... just damn. *g*

Also: selenak is going to broken resolutions hell and it's all my fault. Muahaha.


if I'm going to hell, you're going with me!

Where are my icons?*g*

patience, my dear *g*

I'm working both jobs today, so I won't be home until 11 pm my time (really early morning for you, if I have the time zones calculated right). But there shall indeed be iconage. *g*

Re: if I'm going to hell, you're going with me!

I love that icon.

it and this one...

...are courtesy of ilthit.