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Brothers - by nentari

M*A*S*H Recs Needed!

iamsab, mosinging1986, nentari, et. al! crack_van has selected M*A*S*H to be one of their featured small fandoms for December, and I've been tapped to do the recs. Help me, my beautiful people, for my reading interests are, admittedly, rather narrow, and I prefer to deliver broad spectrum crack to the general audience. If you've read a M*A*S*H story that you feel deserves to get featured, please leave the link here and I shall peruse it. I reserve the right to make my own judgments, but chances are pretty high that if you rec it, it'll probably make the list. ;)


Wah-hah! I am all over this. Start here: http://likethesun2.livejournal.com/tag/recs--m%2Aa%2As%2Ah

Was it this person who also writes under another name on FF.net? I think it was this same person but I can't remember the title or author name or anything!

She's probably Epigone on FF.net. Any and all of her fic is great, as are her recs, which are the ones tagged above.

Thank you a million times!
And this story: http://yuletidetreasure.org/archive/29/hoursbetween.html

By furies is one of the best MASH stories out there.
Oh, oh! I never read M*A*S*H fic, but the universe conspired to have me come across two! **I should have said, aside from a few I've found through friends on LJ. Duh. Sorry, my brain is fried on B5 right now. O.o

Here's the first one, it's long. Kind of... finale fic, if you will.

The Dawn Don't Rescue Me No More

And now you are going to drive me CRAZY looking for the other one, which I cannot recall either the title or the author. But I'll find it because it's amazing.

And now, back to those crazy B5 people.


Found it! Read this one first, it's short.

Never Ask Why Build

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I'd recommend, actually, opening this post for a finite amount of time. That way, I could ask my flist (which is chock-full of the people who were really active in the days when the fandom was... well, not small) to amble their way over here and rec you some?

alternately, I'll make a post on my own journal and ask people to rec me and I'll link you the post?
Unlocked. Sorry - that lock is just my default. ;)
Oh, you know what I totally forgot? *I* wrote a good MASH fic! *g* The ACME Judgment Company.

Also a handful of drabbles, do with them what you will. All here: http://fromthesabrary.livejournal.com/tag/mash