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Bad fan

I'm getting set to read To Dream in the City of Sorrows. Because I'm a bad fan who has neglected to read it until now.



I got it for Christmas! It's really good. And there's a review (with spoilers, so read it afterwards) here
Oh, and I love your icon! Don't think I've seen that one before.
The icon is stoffel's actually, but she has kindly let me steal borrow it. *g* She says it suits me. Can't imagine why. *g*
Lovely Vir! But where's he been lately? Vila's missed his LJ entries.
Vir will probably be returning this weekend. Emperor Cotto has been completely absorbed with events on Narn. And fourth season Vir has decided to hang back for a bit while we're all discussing the love at first sight question. *g* I keep trying to tell him that he does in fact have wise and compassionate things to say on the matter, but he continues to demur out of respect for certain individuals' privacy. *g*
I haven't read the Technomage trilogy yet, even though they're sitting on my bookshelf. *facepalms more*

But To Dream rocks. Have you read any of the others?
Err... actually, I've only read the Legions of Fire trilogy.

But I fully intend to read the rest as my time allows. *g*
how did I guess? ;)

I'm a fan of Voices and Accusations mainly because they have S/T subtext. In fact S/T text, near enough, in the second. The Touch Of Your Shadow... has J&D smush but otherwise sucks ass. Clark's Law is fairly okay, as are Blood Oath Betrayals if I recall correctly - sort of Trek-novel level. Personal Agendas is a laugh riot - I recommend it because I've never seen such caricatured dross make it to print in my life, and it must be seen to be believed.

The Shadow Within is almost on a par with To Dream..., and is also canon. The Teep trilogy was to me what the Centauri one is to you, sounds like - worth a read, definitely. :)

I think that covers them all?
Hee hee, that icon is great. *pets Vir*