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londovir- by iamsab

Stupid questions and mutating bunnies

First, I must pimp selenak's magnificent first look at the Londo and Vir relationship, posted to thefiringline for the Midnight on the Firing Line challenge. (Though, at some point, I must fly to Germany and wack her personally for taking my idea. *g* Ah well. Live and learn- I'll just start writing these weeks in advance. *g*)

I've started writing the Vir and Sinclair idea that's been gelling for awhile, but it has started to mutate into something more complicated. This is entirely selenak's fault. *g* She was the one who asked whether Vir and Sinclair had ever run into each other on Minbar.

In any case, I have a really stupid question: Do they have typical diplomatic receptions on Minbar?


...is it my fault...

...that we're telepathically linked? *g*

Regarding diplomatic receptions on Minbar: I think so. Delenn certainly never once asked what they were and handled them smoothly on B5. Then you've got Vir being given a "welcome" robe by the Minbari, which points to some kind of reception/ceremony, too. But you have to ask deborah_judge, really - she's the Minbari expert.

P.S. While we're planning weeks ahead...

...and to avoid more accusations: I think I'll write an Adira pov for the Born to the Purple challenge.*g*

Re: P.S. While we're planning weeks ahead...

Go ahead. I'm taking Vir's perspective. *g* I guess that leaves Londo's POV to andrastewhite... *g*

Re: P.S. While we're planning weeks ahead...

I guess that leaves Londo's POV to andrastewhite... *g*

I think I can manage that. Now I have visions of the three of us dividing up every Centauri-centric episode into three equal parts *g*.

I don't have any ideas for The War Prayer yet, but I'm calling Na'Toth for Parliament of Dreams. I think everything else I have ideas for is at least six months down the track, so no need to worry just yet.


I call the Londo's father idea for The War Prayer. *g*

Re: PPS:

Since I had no idea whatsoever yet for War Prayer, I don't mind.*g*