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Friendship - by nentari

Dear Friends:

If I don't respond to your comments, it means one of the following things:

1. I have not yet received a comment notification because my email client is malfunctioning again.


2. I can't think of anything to say in response.

Please know that I'm not ignoring you! If you post it and I see it, I do read and assimilate it. I'm just kind of introverted and tend not to reply unless I feel I have something further to contribute.



I tend to be the same way.
I do read and assimilate it.

Reading this made me think of the Borg for some reason! lol!
...your icon is a thing of true beauty and subtle comic genius. It is my absolute favourite political icon I've seen this election.
Thanks! :)
*hugs* It's cool. I'm much the same way.
I so totally relate to that. I often wonder if I shouldn't make an annual disclaimer on my journal at the beginning of each year to that effect.

Because, really? I don't see the point in just posting "uh-huh &*nods*" or whatever if there's nothing more I can add to an amazing and articulate discussion thread (or even an ordinary discussion).


No. 1 is a real annoying one. It took me I don't know how long (possibly as long as 5 months--maybe longer) before I realized that when I used my e-mail client to respond, it looked like I was posting... But I wasn't.