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Two moments of brilliance from the flist:

First, andrastewhite has finally finished a Londo and G'Kar story and it is magnificent. Read it on thefiringline here.

Secondly, selenak's latest entry for londo_mollari on the subject of love at first sight is masterful. (Vir, meanwhile, is still thinking on the question. My younger Vir muse deeply hopes that it is possible- and he certainly believes in the power of love in general- but he is worried he is too inexperienced to properly answer the question. Post-canon Vir, meanwhile, is a bit more cautious about the love-at-first-sight question given previous bad luck. *g*) I'm left extremely curious what the starlaces are being grown for and Delenn being, for Londo, the personification of fate is perfect. Also: the Londo/G'Kar subtext? Squee!

Now, back to watching fourth season...
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