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A little bit of snow = HUGE problems in Virginia... (and some B5)

...as soulonds9 has already ranted (hilariously, I might add) here. I woke up at 5 in the morning with the sound of everything in my room shutting off and turning back on three or four times before shutting off completely for about an hour (due to a car slamming into our transformer). No functioning alarm clock = no further sleep (I normally get up at around 6:40 AM). And, to top things off, it took me more than an hour to drive the last THREE MILES on my way to Job #1.

And all of this because of barely a quarter of an inch of snow. As soulonds9 put it (albeit more colorfully), Northern Virginians are truly incompetent in the snow. I wonder just how long it took our father to get to work via I-395...

But now to deborah_judge's question below regarding JMS's commentary on Deconstruction of Falling Stars. Off the top of my head (since I neglected to take notes and I don't have access to the DVD's at the moment)...

...I fear JMS isn't going to endear himself to the academics in this cohort. He admitted point blank while commenting on the 2362 scene that he hated the academic atmosphere and wanted to, as he put it, "tweak it in the nose." And from the sound of it, he doesn't really feel the need to justify the "Sheridan is a hero/saint. End of story." theme of the episode.

On the other hand, if I recall correctly, he also admitted that the episode was relatively polarizing for the fans. I'm betting that divide lines up almost exactly with the two general factions I've observed in the fandom- roughly (and perhaps not entirely accurately) characterized: the Narn/Centauri fanatics and everyone else. *g* These factions are not on hostile terms, thank the Great Maker (at least, not in the places I surf), but they are distinct groups with distinct reactions to the show nonetheless.

JMS also had many sympathetic things to say about Stephen Furst as a director. He observed that Stephen always got the off-format episodes and he also stated, apologetically, that poor Stephen was always forced by the dictates of the script into doing very standard directing styles ("hidden camera" and "news show format").

More comments on season four will be posted tomorrow as soon as I finish watching the first six (I'm watching them slowly due to my work hours). But I will say, briefly, that I have a sudden urge to write Marcus and G'Kar fic after watching them in Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?. (And I don't even like Marcus particularly.) Pikal envy indeed. *g*

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