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Episode #10, ENV and some DotD speculation

"The Ragged Edge"

Grade: B

"Well, there you have a key to your popularity. Your absence. Go away for a month and they bow. Go away for six months, they'll tear the place apart when you come back. Perhaps you should go away and never come back again. Then your popularity will be so overwhelming, it would blacken the stars."


"For 100 years we have taught ourselves one thing. How to hate and how to fight. This is a new age, G'Kar. We have to learn other lessons. Our leaders back home, they know only the old ways. But you have been beyond and survived it and have come back to teach us what it is like. I have not personally read your book. I've never been a very spiritual person, but I have seen the light of understanding come into their eyes. It's not about teaching something, it's about unlearning hatred and unlearning fear. I am a warrior. I cannot teach them these things. But you can."


"There is no 'Most Holy' here, there is only me."


Aside from an amusing G'Kar subplot, watching this episode is like being forced to watch a car crash in extreme slow motion without being able to do anything to stop it. We have Garibaldi on his drunken, downward spiral, and we have the fateful decision that shuts an unaware Londo out of the investigation into the shipping attacks. I can feel that trauma creeping up on me...

As I said, though, G'Kar's dilemma makes me giggle insanely. You know, he has been given to pontification and bombast, and now that many, many people are actually listening, he can't get away fast enough. *eg* Londo's teasing was sublime, and Ta'Lon's scenes with G'Kar were absolutely lovely. And one wonders whether Jesus upon his return will utilize the G'Kar Method and slam some people's faces with the Bible. (And I say this as a believing Catholic.)*eg*

I think, however, that G'Kar, however well meaning, made a critical miscalculation in advising the others not to tell Londo what they knew. I think he underestimates Londo's political saavy. Afterall, Londo did make it through his dealings with Cartagia with his head still firmly attached to his shoulders. I think Londo at this point is cognizant of the dangers that exist in the palace even though he doesn't understand them fully, and if he were let in on what is going on, he would put two and two together and behave with circumspection. Londo is many things, but he is not dumb.


Continuing with last week's "Day of the Dead" discussion, I have taken selenak up on her suggestion and have engaged in a little speculation regarding an encounter between G'Kar and Refa...

I think if Refa had come to G'Kar on the Day of the Dead and questioned G'Kar on his association with Londo, I think G'Kar's response might mirror a line he had in "The Hour of the Wolf." As you probably recall, when Zack found G'Kar snooping around the missing Garibaldi's quarters, G'Kar explained his interest in finding Garibaldi in this way:

"It takes a rare kind of wisdom to accept change and redemption in another. Many would refuse, seeing only what was, not what is. Garibaldi gave me that chance. I must repay it. So I'm going after him, Mr. Allan. I don't know where he is or where to start, but if he's alive I will find him and bring him back."

G'Kar may have come to see that Garibaldi's wisdom can be his own. As Garibaldi accepted the change in G'Kar, so must G'Kar, he may believe, accept change in Londo.

G'Kar may also be self aware enough now to see the issue in terms of "There but for the grace of the universe go I." As selenak has observed, G'Kar was very lucky on two separate occasions. First, he was not chosen by Morden. If he had been, he almost certainly would've taken advantage of that opportunity to seek his revenge on the Centauri. Second, Emperor Turhan collapsed before G'Kar could strike his fatal blow. If G'Kar had succeeded in his planned assassination attempt, he would've started the Narn/Centauri war, not Londo. And where might he have been now if that was how events panned out?

I would add a third incident to the above list, namely, Kosh's intervention in "Dust to Dust." Of course, G'Kar remains unaware of Kosh's role in his epiphany as far as we know. But this sort of experience, whether Vorlon-induced or not, was not provided to Londo until the major conflicts had already concluded and the blood was already on Londo's hands. G'Kar may wonder why the universe saw fit to grant him a life changing vision when it did, and why it waited so long to grant the same to Londo.

I hope the above made sense- it is rather late. ;)
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