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londovir- by iamsab

This week's theatrical_muse question:

Is there ever a good reason to get blinding drunk?


selenak, that's just playing right into our hands. Though I would have to disagree with rohandove that this is a "fun" question, at least where my muse is concerned.

I shall endeavor to avoid Vir's incredibly obvious answer to this and come up with another event (since I've touched on THE event already). Perhaps a story from the LoF period... though, alas, that will take me out of your time period.


Re: it is truly a topic made for Centauri *g*

However, then we would have to find a reason for later day Vir not to warn Londo about certain events which might be hard...

That is the principle obstacle and it may be insurmountable. No matter. *g* I don't mind jumping around the time line. As it is, I think I've thought of a possible fourth season answer (in addition to the post-canon answer) that goes beyond the blindingly obvious.

(I am also busy formulating a response to your answer, which was wonderful BTW.)