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londovir- by iamsab

International B5 Month

I now officially declare January, 2004:

Babylon 5

Write fanfic! Create fan art! Write reviews! We must celebrate the tenth anniversary with style!


I just literally wrote in the New Year. Have not been to bed: have written S/T smut. Beat that! ;P

well, I created an lj already *g*

But yay for B5 month!
YAAAAAAAAAAAY! B5 month!!!!!!!!!! *pops champagne, sets off fireworks*
Ooops, well, better get creating. ^_^ I can't believe it's ten years.
Hurrah for the International Babylon 5 Month!

My promise for the IB5M is to try to finish at least one B5 fic (perhaps one of the couple of dozen plotbunnies that currently reside on my computer).