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After reading the conversation between selenak and andrastewhite below andrastewhite's latest entry, I am now determined to compile a master list of slash cliches, crossing off those that were used- and turned on their heads- for Londo and G'Kar.

But you guys will have to help me with this- Londo/G'Kar is my first foray into slash, so I am largely unaware of what constitutes a slash cliche. *g*

So far, this is all I have:

1. Stuck in an enclosed space, the characters are forced to get to know each other. Used in Convictions. The Londo/G'Kar twist: No speshul understanding is reached. Instead, G'Kar is content to die so long as Londo dies as well.


2. Telepathy. Used in Dust to Dust. The Londo/G'Kar twist: The telepathic encounter is far from benign- it would not overstate the matter to characterize G'Kar's actions as a mind rape.

Edited to add: I just thought of another one...

3. A benevolent third party brings the couple together. Used in Strange Relations. The Londo/G'Kar take: Delenn assigns G'Kar to be Londo's bodyguard as a supposedly symbolic gesture. Londo sees right through it. *g*
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