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Vicodin - by emymsm

New House Community:


This is definitely silly on my part, but I feel like we non-shippers need a space. This is not intended to be a dig at 'shippers, though - please don't be insulted, 'shippers on my flist!

(Indeed, 'shippers are certainly welcome to join so long as it is understood that we will be discussing other things.)

I'm well aware that this community will get very little draw, but that's okay. Even if there's only, oh, three members, we can all have some fun.


I would join if I still watched House - but I don't.
Drat. Too bad. :(
Now you can say the lurkers support you under friends-lock!
Why would one watch a show except for the relationships between the characters? I mean, even brilliant writing is there to express character and we largely know an individual character through interaction with others. That's something I've never understood about the "non-shipper" mindset. Be it friendship or otherwise, it's still a relationship. Do you watch for themes alone? I'm just wondering.
Allow me to answer in a separate post...