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londovir- by iamsab

I'm seeing ROTK tomorrow.

I'm not really in the LOTR fandom, but still:

*happy dance*



No Kohl's for two days! And no more midnight shifts!

And lastly: Happy Holidays to all of my friends!


If you ever get a chance to see David Wenham in the Aussie TV series 'Seachange', grab it. He played Diver Dan and was a total charmer. Great series full of eccentric and quirky characters.
LotR fandom is SCAREY! @_@ Stay away from it...just enjoy the movies.
And, Merry Xmas. ^_^
I'm not in the fandom either, but I loved the books and adore the films. RotK is wonderful!

I love your icon. The Londo I have here isn't. :-( Do you have one of him cheating at cards too?

And I have to ask. Who's the Hobson you like?
Er, well, I have this icon.

As for the Hobson I like, that would be Gary Hobson from Early Edition, a sweet little show that aired several years ago about a guy who got the newspaper a day in advance.
LOL! And I remember that show--the newspaper was delivered by a cat, right? I enjoyed it, but I wished he'd be nicer to the cat. We got a couple of seasons here, but not all. I'd have liked to have seen more.


Enjoy your freedom! And Merry Christmas!