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londovir- by iamsab

Please help me find my Christmas spirit.

It has gone the way of the dodo.

I had a small panic attack at Job #2 the other night upon coming in to find the fitting rooms a mess and the returns piled up to unimaginable levels. And the customers at Kohl's are starting to get on my nerves. I had one woman last night who called for me as I was running through the Juniors department, but when I didn't respond within a split second, she said, again, in a really snotty tone of voice, "Ma'am!" It was difficult to resist the urge to snap back, "Give me a minute, for Great Maker's sake!"

So, yeah, tension levels are high and I'm so not feeling the Christmas cheer. What should I do?


go and watch some favourite episodes *g*

Or go to the cinema. Or read a nice relaxing book with no annoying customers in your neighbourhood.

When can you take a holiday from this job?
I think everyone feels stressed with all they're expected to get done, by society, tradition, other people, family... I'm not crazy about this time of year either.

Smile at people! It actually works with the less bad-tempered ones, but I have to say everyone was so savage in the supermarket yesterday they got to me too.

I hope you're having a fun and/or relaxing time with friends or family on the day. Try to ignore the run-up.

And treat yourself to something you love! Hot bath, a cappuccino, whatever you like, and depending on your beliefs, think about the meaning behind all the commercialism, whether it's the Messiah, light, hope, family life...

Or escape! That's why I love to read.