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londovir- by iamsab

Am I the only one...

... in this LJ universe who is not seeing ROTK within the next few days (excluding my poor Aussie friend andrastewhite)?

Stupid night shift at Kohl's...


Uh, yeah, probably.

(runs away)
Take heart *g*. Wee are not alone in our ROTK-free state.

First, there are all those other people in Australia/Asia/everywhere else who don't yet have the movie. Then there's people with exams this week who are being noble and studying instead of spending three hours in a theatre, and my friend Alicia who's sick ... so, yes, although it may feel as if everyone except us has seen it already, or will do so before Friday, this is not quite true.

Raising hand here! Can't stand LOTR!

I'm raising my hand here! I can't stand LOTR! I've been turned off the entire series ever since The Hobbit was forced upon me in 6th grade!

It's the one "fandom of the day," which I really can't get into!
I'm not seeing it until after Christmas...

I try and avoid seeing "big" films until they've been out a while, because I can't stand the noise and crowds in the cinema. And I've promised to go and see it with a friend who'll be visiting then.

But argh! My brothers (who aren't *nearly* as interested, and have only read half the book) both saw it yesterday. And they keep wanting to ask me questions, since thye don't fully understand what was going on...