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londovir- by iamsab

Christmas cheer

I just pre-ordered season four of B5 using the money sent by my grandparents. The squee is, of course, a given. *g*

Meanwhile, selenak has written the sweetest little Londo and Vir Christmas-themed story it has ever been my pleasure to read. Go admire and luff it here. She makes both Vir and I cry and she uses Brother Theo to excellent effect, something that warms my Catholic heart.

There was also something else she did for which I neglected to praise her- she captured an essential personality trait of Londo's that does much to endear me to the character:

When Londo does something that is kind and/or morally correct for someone, he enjoys it. Witness how joyous he is in A Voice in the Wilderness while piloting the shuttle for Delenn. Witness how joyous he is after he helps free Na'Toth in A Tragedy of Telepaths. Londo loves being good.

Meanwhile, when Londo doesn't do the right thing, he is haunted and miserable. The examples of this are legion because, alas, while he clearly has a healthy conscience, he is frequently unable to find the strength to follow it without threats (like G'Kar threatening to burn down the palace with him inside) being issued.

So the fact that Londo enjoyed whatever it was he did (which selenak assures us we don't want to know *g*) to get those singers together for Vir was very true to character. Bravo!


so does this mean you write me my Quark now? *g*

Seriously now, thanks for reccing the story. And yes, Londo enjoying himself whenever he does something good (or well, what he deems good *g* - methinks Londo had a lot of fun not giving G'Kar his flowers, for example), is a very endearing trait. It connects with his natural joie de vivre; even Sheridan, not the most insightful in human or alien nature, mentions Londo being so tremendously alive as his outstanding trait when he and Delenn visit him in medlab. But it's more than that, since it's mostly brought out when he's able to do something for someone else.

Re: so does this mean you write me my Quark now? *g*

And the sad thing is, all the bad things he did he thought he was doing for "someone else" - ie. his beloved Centauri Republic and its people.