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Gen Fic Day!

As decreed by sg_fignewton, today is Gen Fic Day. Alas, I became informed of this event far too late to prepare for it properly, so instead of a fic, I bring you a fic rec in keeping with this week's Star Trek kick:

Keeper of the Katra, by Chris Dickenson

It's eighteen years old, but for me, it's the only thing that justifies the existence of The Final Frontier. It is the most fascinating and pitch perfect piece of gen fic I read as a teenager, and believe me when I tell you that it still holds up years later. If you haven't read this novella already, go forth and do so without delay!

(Posted publicly for outside surfers.)

ETA: I just realized they're only doing SG1 fics at the above link. But hell, why can't we make this multifandom? There can never be too much gen, says I.
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