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Dear Journal - by crazybee

Another Filler Meme - RP Characters

Gacked from nentari:

Gather all your RP journals and list the characters and any AU versions you RP. Open the doors to the public side so even lurkers can ask the muses questions. Respond with that RP account - or if you don't have accounts, just to the question given.

RP Journals Past and Present by Fandom

Babylon 5

Vir: vir_cotto_tm
Timov: timov_of_algul
Shiv'kala: londos_torment (Note: I can no longer get into this account, so the response will come from me.)


Radar: companyclerk
Sidney: army_shrink


Still writing! In the meantime -

Have fun!


To Radar: when did you first notice your special abilities?
Special abilities?

Oh - you mean like how I know what people are thinkin' sometimes and how I know when the choppers is comin' before everyone else?

I don't know, really. When I was little, I always used to come home before Ma'd even rung the bell for me, and everyone used to say, "He's jus' like ol' Ernest, that boy." But I never really thought that was special - not until I joined the Army and everyone started callin' me Radar and sayin' I should be in the Signal Corps because I had super-natural hearing.

Sometimes Hawkeye jokes that I have ESP, but it's not that. I can't really read minds like that most of the time. It's just - feelings, you know?
(Bear in mind that Radar's likely to downplay his gifts. ;))
Of course :)

will you be celebrating Christmas with the humans this year, (and if so have you got a present for Londo)?

We've rented the banquet hall for a celebration to be held a few nights before the Human holiday. The ambassador does seem to love parties, after all, and will accept any excuse to arrange one.

For the exchanging of gifts... um, I don't think I should discuss it just now. I had to go through some... importation channels, you might say.