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londovir- by iamsab


Another wicked cool LJ community is opening up:


Babylon 5 is among the fandoms being covered by this massive project. And guess what?



Check their website here to see who else is available if you want to play. *g* Londo still needs someone... selenak? And Lennier appears to be free as well... deborah_judge?


Congratulations *g*.

Also: curse you for providing the link. Now I'm horribly tempted to join, especially in light of the number of characters I love who are unclaimed. The only Farscape person who's taken is John Crichton, and I don't seen any X-Men characters at all ...

do not tempt me, you evil woman!

I'm spending too much time on the net as it is...

Aw, you know you want to! *g*

I work 70 hour weeks and I manage to fit it in (barely). *g* It's a once a week thing at most.

I want someone to play with! *g*

Actually, you don't have to. If need be, I'll keep looking for my Londo. *g*


I suppose it's too much to ask that they spell Michael Garibaldi's name correctly, hmmm?

As he's already taken, I'm sitting this one out.

Wicked! Looks like fun. :-D
And you're such a cute Vir (esp. when dressed as a Centauri...)